Coven's superior service comes from years of experience. Come in and have a beverage while you get fixed up in beauty shop. We use and provide the full line of Bumble & bumble and Deva Curl products, offer several kinds of styling services, from precision cutting to Redken and Pulp Riot creative color for your hue needs. Our bridal looks and specialty in curls and straight locks gives us the power to spin your style into something magical.

Coven offers a large array of options. If there is something you are specifically looking for and you don't see it on the list below, please don't hesitate to reach out and ask us about it.

Haircut: $75 – $115 

Cutting every or most of the hairs on your head. It doesn't matter how much we are cutting off, if you want every hair on your head cut, this is the one.  

Curly Haircut: $55 – $115 

Cutting every or most of the hairs on your head but with a little bit of extra time. Curly hair sometimes takes a bit longer, so if this sounds like your typical salon experience, please book this type of cut specifically.

Touch Up or Bang Trim: $18

Going around the edges of a haircut or a dry bang trim; a touch up is appropriate if you have had a haircut by one of us in the last three to four weeks. This service is a quick, dry maintenance to your existing style.

Extra: $35

Do you have a lot of hair? Do you need a little "extra" attention? Are you in general, maybe a lil' EXTRA? This button is for you!If you have naturally curly hair that you would like blown out or additionally styled, have gobs of hair that requires more time to cut and style, etc., please use this service key to give you and your hairdresser that extra time for you to get the TLC that you deserve! This will add an additional 30 minutes of styling or cutting time to your appointment.

Up Do: $75 and up

Style: $50 and up

Deep Conditioning/Protein Treatments: $30 and up

Viral Temporary Vivid Color Rinse: $10 

A quick, temporary change to the color of your hair.  Depending on the lightness, a Viral Shampoo Treatment will vary from vibrant if you're a blonde or more of a subtle tone if you're hair's a little darker.

Toner (stand alone service):

If you need a refresh to your already lightened hair, this is the service for you. Over time, some colors can look brassy or lose the vibrancy they had, but you don't need or want your roots re-lightened, just the color. This service does not include a finish, just product application.

If you're unclear if this is the right service for you, keep reading and/or shoot us a text!

Toner (service add-on):

Are you a blonde? Sometimes your color can get brassy or need a little shining up. We can easily add a toner onto a haircut service if your blonding needs some TLC but not re-lightening. A toner is applied at the bowl and a nice way to refresh your existing blonde in between your balayage or highlighting services. *Please only book this service along with a haircut.

All Over Color: $65 – $95 

This is if you are coloring your roots/refreshing your ends the same color as you currently are, or going some sort of  slight variation of your color. (a little more red, ashy, gold, dark, etc.)

Partial Highlights: $70 – $140 

Highlights through any portion of your head not greater than about 2/3 of your hair. Usually we leave out the underside in the back of the head.  

Full Highlights: $120 – $165

Highlights through the entire head. This is good to do if you are changing the overall color of your head by using highlights, or if you want the underside to have highlights.

Partial Balayage/Ombre: $110 - $150

Full Balayage/Ombre: $120 - $165

Balyage – a highlighting technique that makes a soft, blended highlight and creates a more natural line at the root area.  

Ombre – a lightening or change of most of the ends of your hair, creating an effect that can be a subtle gradient or an extreme color change.

Bleach and Tone: $100 and up

Please only book this online if you are having the roots of your already bleached hair touched up. If you are having a bleach done to change the color of your hair altogether, please see color correction.

Veggie Dye: $40 and up 

These are all of your pinks, purples, blues, etc. The really bright cartoon colors. These colors work like a stain, as opposed to going into your hair chemically.  In order for these to work, your hair must be pre lightened, or naturally very light.  

Dreads $100 per hour

Establishing natural dreads or maintenance to your existing natural dreads. By consultation only.

Painted Hair Weft Extension: $125

A free-handed, human hair painted weft is applied as a semi-permanent change to your current style. This appointment requires a consultation and hair weft is applied post consultation.

Keratin: $100 and up 

This is a semi permanent smoothing treatment. Please see your stylist for a consultation and price.

Color Correction: 

This service is for any major change and the times and prices vary WILDLY. Please see your stylist for a consultation.  

Hair Extensions: 

We do Great Lengths extensions here, which are high quality, individually bonded extensions. Please see Dez for a consultation.

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