Alexis is teaching a class about extremely curly + textured hair this Sunday!

Our very own Alexis Robinson will be hosting a class focusing on how to care for and style extremely curly + textured hair on Sunday, August 20th from 2-4 at home base, Coven Salon.

Hair means a lot, personally and culturally. One complicated aspect of mixed race families and transracial adoptions is that many parents discover they don't know how to manage hair textures other than their own, and don't know who or how to ask for help. This workshop will cover the basics of curly and textured hair: styling tips and tricks along with general care. 

Please give us a jingle at 206.323.9010 to reserve your spot. Space is limited so we look forward to hearing from you soon! You can always email us too, at

If someone you know is interested and not a client, do a sister a favor and spread the word- this workshop is open to anyone who is interested and can benefit from it. 

So Many New Things!

So much is happening here in Coven Land, you guys.

  • We just celebrated our one year anniversary! It was so fun. Thanks to everyone who made it out to the party.
  • We have two new stylists! Aylah and Jenna are awesome ladies with a ton of great hair experience. We can't wait for you to meet them. Read more about the two newest members of the Coven on our updated bio page.
  • We have new artwork up! Check out the great new pieces up on our walls. Thanks to the Ghost Gallery and artist Karla Fuller-Palmer. (Though we can't lie, we miss the cat painting.)
  • Our patio is open! Enjoy the gorgeous Seattle days while your hair is processing in our outdoor lounge.

Come in and check out everything we have going on! 

Anniversary Party!

Can you believe Coven has been around a whole year? Come celebrate with us on Saturday May 16th!

From 6pm to 9pm at the salon, we'll be serving up the booze and hors d'oeuvres. Plus, you can get 10% off all Bumble and Bumble products. And hang out with all of us. It's going to be super fun!

See you on the 16th, party people!

Live Long and Prosper

We're so sad Leonard Nimoy is gone, but we are comforted by the life he led and the legacy he left behind. In one lifetime, he managed to be an actor, philanthropist, poet, singer, photographer and director. And by all accounts, he was also a kind and loving human being. His life reminds us that we can have it all—he never put limits on what he could achieve. He was Spock, but he was also so much more than Spock. 

R.I.P. Leonard Nimoy

Cuts for Compassion

We are honored to take part in Cuts for Compassion, an event organized by the Incredible Intensity of Just Being Human, an art and social change exhibit currently on display at Seattle City Hall. Artist and curator Kate Vrijomoet organized this event to work towards de-stigmatizing mental illness, and we feel privileged to be a part of it. As Kate said, "through connection, kindness and compassion we reduce the stigma of mental illness." We couldn't agree more.

On February 2nd, we'll be offering dry cuts to the residents of Orion Center, a young adult shelter run by YouthCare. They provide safe, overnight emergency shelter for up to twenty 18-24 year olds, where they can do their laundry, take a hot shower and eat a meal. This shelter is also an entry point to other services – more permanent housing options, education and employment opportunities, health care and case management.

The Incredible Intensity of Just Being Human is on exhibit at City Hall through February 27. It is comprised of work by local Seattle artists, intending to shed light on the effect mental illness has on society to eliminate the stigma and shame of mental illness.

According to a 2012 CEHKC study, 8% of the homeless population in King County are homeless youths. Studies have found high rates of mental problems among homeless youth; mental health issues manifest both as a cause and a consequence of homelessness. 66% of the youth served by YouthCare are experiencing some type of mental illness.

Free Your Pits!

So much hair shaming is in the air these days. The shaming of the moment? Colored armpit hair. Who knew such a little bit o' hair would cause so much commotion?

Roxie, the hair genius behind How To Hair Girl, explains the deal. It seems that when she posted some photos she and a friend took of themselves with pastel armpit hair , it caught the attention of bigger media folks. And by bigger media folks, we mean the two of the biggest ladies in media: Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb.

Let's just say Kathie Lee and Hoda did not approve. "Why would one want to celebrate [armpit hair]?" said Gifford. "That's really freaky," said Kotb, looking grossed out.

Hearing their judgmental reactions made ME grossed out.

Another pit hair proponent, Anna Biotics, AKA instagrammer@ladypithair, says it's been a thing for a while now. In an interview with Refinery29, she said that she and her friends did it about a year ago. "We had some bleach and some purple dye, and we just went for it."

"Why not? It's definitely part of an alternative culture that's doing something different, but most people just do it for fun because they can." It's sounds like these ladies were just hanging out and having a good time!

So, ignore the ignorant. You do you. If you want pastel armpit hair, Coven salutes you. You want to shave it all off, go for it. It's your choice, and there's never any shame in feeling good about yourself.

Roxie agrees so hard that she has started a movement: Free Your Pits #freeyourpits, to get the conversation going. In the manifesto, she writes: "We aim to steer this standard towards a celebration and acceptance of our unique differences and away from the existing cage that restricts us and causes us to wrongfully judge each other. Today we ask you to join us in this effort by being true to yourself, whatever that might mean. Whether you shave or not, women should be allowed to make decisions about their bodies without judgement from others. And, women making these decisions about their bodies should not be something exploited by the media. What we need is encouragement, not judgment."

Sing it, sister.

P.S. You can come see Miss Roxie do her thing right here at Coven Salon! She is teaching a DIY braiding class for friends of the salon on Saturday December 13th at 5pm. There are a few spots left, so let us know if you want to come. It's free! (Just like your pits!)