Gina Coffman at Coven Salon!

Have you been in lately? Our latest artist is off the chain awesome! Let's get to know her a little better, shall we? Swing by to see our new art installation by our client and friend!

Gina Coffman started making mobiles for a New Year’s Eve party in 2009 as an over-table installation, then later for friends with newborn babies. Mobile designs are derived from Gina's multidisciplinary interests and influences: invertebrate zoology, adventures in the natural world, textiles, graphics, and built environment design, fashion & style, culinary experiences, and immersion in the urban kaleidoscopes of Seattle and L.A. Mobiles interject visual complexity and the restorative effects of nature into indoor environments with the kinetic interplay of color, shape, and shadow. They add life and a relaxing dynamic to any room. Mobiles are constructed of non-toxic, fade resistant paper, card stock, and thread. These materials optimize movement from subtle shifts in airflow.

Gina lives and works at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center in West Seattle with her pet turtle, Ms. Jackson. She has an undergraduate degree in Biology and Art from the Evergreen State College and holds a Masters of Landscape Architecture from the University of Washington. 

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Price Range: $75-$150 per strand. Mobiles can be bought in clusters or individually.