Alexis is teaching a class about extremely curly + textured hair this Sunday!

Our very own Alexis Robinson will be hosting a class focusing on how to care for and style extremely curly + textured hair on Sunday, August 20th from 2-4 at home base, Coven Salon.

Hair means a lot, personally and culturally. One complicated aspect of mixed race families and transracial adoptions is that many parents discover they don't know how to manage hair textures other than their own, and don't know who or how to ask for help. This workshop will cover the basics of curly and textured hair: styling tips and tricks along with general care. 

Please give us a jingle at 206.323.9010 to reserve your spot. Space is limited so we look forward to hearing from you soon! You can always email us too, at

If someone you know is interested and not a client, do a sister a favor and spread the word- this workshop is open to anyone who is interested and can benefit from it.