A Rose without a Thorn

Jenna Rose joined the Coven just a day or two more than 6 months ago, blowing in from the windy city of Chicago and into our hearts. Emily and her are totally familiar, as they worked at the same salon for many years back in the Midwest, but the rest of us aren't as in the know.

The Ladies of Coven present the one and only Jenna Rose to Seattle, to you and the world! We hope you get the opportunity to get in with this expert hairdresser sooner than later. We're loving #wcw.

 Jenna and her husband, Matt. Follow us  @covensalon  to keep current on what Jenna and the rest of the Ladies of Coven are up to, hair wise!

Jenna and her husband, Matt. Follow us @covensalon to keep current on what Jenna and the rest of the Ladies of Coven are up to, hair wise!

You're a master of color- what's your favorite technique or trend of the moment?

I'm really into the Babylights trend right now, I love how soft, blended and child-like color has been lately.  I also seem to find myself in the mood for lightening everything up and adding warmth, instead of deepening color for fall.

You're stranded on a desert island but MAGICALLY you brought three hair products that you couldn't possibly live without along. What are they?

(Bumble & bumble Hair powder, Styling Lotion and Brilliantine!

What’s your secret weapon for great hair?

Confidence! Also, flexibility! If you can't fight that aggressive wave in your bangs, make it work for you. Embrace the weird!

Your official title at Coven is "coiffeuse" and you own it. Why that title out of all of them?

I always try to change up what my title is on my business cards to keep it interesting, to myself mainly... ha! My husband is 100% German and I thought since we got married this year I'd pay homage to his heritage with that title.

What does the life of Jenna look like outside of Coven?

Being a newbie to Seattle, I've been spending (a lot of) time exploring with my hubby Matt; that's what's been taking top priority as of late. I'm also a book devourer, so I try to read as much as possible.

I spend an obscene amount of time wandering around grocery stores, and snuggling with my pup, Santa. Besides that, I am pretty passionate about fitness, health and nutrition. I've pretty much spent the past 2 years being immersed in the body-building world and just started exploring the world of Crossfit!

Who's your hair hero?

To be honest, I don't really have one, but lately I’ve been pretty inspired by the guys of Schorem Barbers.

Give us a ring to book an appointment with this all around excellent hairdresser! 206.323.9010 or email us at info@covensalon.com