All About Aylah: Truly an AAA!

Oh, hey world! I know it’s been a few months (six?!) since the talented and charming Aylah Mayim joined the crew at Coven and she’s this week’s #WCW (woman crush Wednesday)!

Beyond the magic she spins on people’s heads are many layers of awesome. We asked her some questions “getting to know you” style and know you’ll fall deeper in love with her than we all already have. It’s so good to have you in the Coven, Aylah.

       Follow us on Instagram  @covensalon  to keep current on what Aylah's up to, hair wise.

      Follow us on Instagram @covensalon to keep current on what Aylah's up to, hair wise.

Tell us about the hair color work you do; it seems like word got out that you were amazing with the color purple!

It's funny, growing up my favorite color was purple. It was a weird "random" thing when people started coming to me by the masses wanting purple color. I kept thinking again??! OK!!

I do believe in color therapy though and love how different colors give us different moods or wearing them (especially in our hair) gives us whole new attitudes to play with.

What I see is people wanting to step out of the box and enjoy how playful color is. It's liberating to step away from neutral territory and grab an amazing color for your tresses. The clients I see doing that are also inviting that energy into their lives and looking for something adventurous in their experience.

I imagine that when all the "purples" started coming, it was the Universe conspiring to bring a secret message from my childhood back to share with my clients; something about purple being the color of royalty and intuition, and that all my purple ladies shall feel inspired and empowered to live outside the box and jump into what they really want!

You’re excellent at working with all sorts of textures of hair. What do you love about it and how did you arrive at such a necessary and talented place?

Hair is constantly amazing me. There are so many different textures and patterns of growth and I have been inspired lately by thinking of hair as fiber art. There are thousands and thousands of threads of fibrous material to shape and shift and mold into (different) shapes that move and grow.

It's a very intuitive process for me and always has been. I started cutting hair for friends and family when I was 12! I had no idea what a technical skill it was but I understood the art of cutting and how to "listen" to the hair.

For me, textures in hair are like characters in people. Different curls on the head have different personalities and want to be cut in different ways. Fine hair asks that you treat it like precious cargo with very intentional snips, where as waves want to actualize their full potential; all hair textures have this kind of energetic aspect. Since middle school, (of course I am now technically trained), I still approach hair as an intuitive listener of the characters that live in it's texture.

What’s your secret weapon for great hair?

My secret weapon is…. magic! I really do my best to listen to what the client is asking for, even if they don't necessarily know. I try to catch the vision and bring it through. Again, I trust the hair to tell me, too.

You were a finalist in the Wella Trend Vision competition- AMAZING. Tell us a little bit more about that experience!

Wella Trend Vision was an amazing experience for me and the hair colors I chose were actually inspired by the city of Seattle and the waters of this area.

I had only heard of trend vision a few months before the entries were due, but immediately knew I wanted to submit my work. I love creating high fashion and Avant Garde style fantasy hair and the work I had seen of previous competitors blew my mind.

I found a model who would let me completely radicalize her hair and submitted. I really was shocked when I got the phone call that I was going to be a finalist in Minneapolis.

Trend Vision is this fast, electric, exciting occasion where people fly in with their models from around the country and bring their hard work to the runway. It was nerve racking on a lot of levels and stretched me both as a professional artist and personally. I get crazy focused when I'm working on a creative project.

MANY hours were put into the Wella Trend Vision competition, both physically and mentally and the hard work paid off; I was one of 4 finalists in the professional category and the "youngest" in the industry. I was offered spots at two different salons by my competitors and came home super proud of myself for my gorgeous work and for going after it!

What does the life of Aylah look like outside of Coven?

I'm actually quite an introvert with occasional extrovert spurts. I am very magical and quiet but also wild and quirky. I am fed by creative projects that channel my inner storybook. I write, I sing, sew and dance. I love nature immensely and go there often with my  squirrel hunting, fluffy familiar, Little Man.

My world is filled with Spirit and metaphysics, I have been doing ritual work with women for many years and it's a very important aspect of my life.

Last but not least, I have my precious daughter Raven and my beloved partner Breeze ( yes real names). They keep me learning and loving and striving to be the best human I can possibly be.

Who's your hair hero?

Edward Scissorhands, of course!

What was the last good book you read?

Books are hard to grab me because I have a bit of ADD but...There is a novel called The Dovekeepers by Alice White that drew me in hard. It's an amazing book set a thousand years ago in the Masada desert (where my peeps come from).

It's about four women; their hardships, love affairs and secret pasts. It's full of rituals and passion and violence and heart. It's one of those books you sob through reading. You can't stop turning pages and can't wait to know the end and then freak out that it's over. Yup.

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