Summer 2016 (Solstice) Coven Newsletter

Oh, hi friends! We're looking forward to catching up with you next time you're in salon, but just so you're pressed for the freshest at Coven, here's what we've been up to.

Jenny Slay has been busy planning Coven's next fundraiser, which is helping out our buddies with fur for hair at the Seattle Animal Shelter. The main event will be going down on Sunday, August 21st and if you'd like to participate, you can schedule an appointment via our online booking system or by shooting us an email . You could also purchase a raffle ticket for one of the many luxurious gift baskets that we've been assembling that include things like Bumble & bumble products, Aveda products (from our friends next door @ Glam and Tonics!), a $100 Whole Foods giftcard, and more. Seattle Animal Shelter has put together an official list of donations (listed below) which we would be glad to accept on their behalf the next time you're in getting your wig split and you're so inclined.

The pets of the Seattle Animal Shelter are currently in need of:

  • Canned Dog Food (13-oz. or 12-oz. cans
  • Dry Dog Food
  • Dry Cat Food
  • Canned Cat Food (5.5-oz. cans, 3-oz. cans, holistic varieties are appreciated but not necessary. Examples: Avoderm, TikiCat, Weruva, Fussie Cat, etc.)
  •  Dog and Cat Treats
  •  Dog and Cat Toys
  • Flea Meds for both cats and dogs – SAS is only able to accept Frontline®, Advantage®, Revolution®, Comfortis® and Trifexis® – NO HARTZ or similar products to HARTZ, please).

FYI, the "MaxMobile" will be at Coven Salon live and in person on THE DAY OF THE EVENT so you should definitely swing by even if you're not getting your hair cut on 8/21. You might need a new pet!

Happy PRIDE, everyone! We're an all inclusive space here at Coven and we like to give back when we can. Emily is stopping in to give some haircuts to the residents at ISIS House (YouthCare Seattle's LGBT branch) and they are also in need of donations if it crosses your mind and you're coming in to see us before 7/15.

The residents are currently in need of:

  • Soap //  Bodywash
  • Shampoo + Conditioner
  • Menstrual Pads (specifically)
  • Sunscreen
  • Toothpaste // Toothbrushes // Floss

Have you seen the latest artwork up at Coven? Rad, colorful quilts are up on our walls just in time for PRIDE. Special thanks to Gina, who crafted the mobiles that adorned our walls this spring, for being Coven's curator and getting such beautiful textiles. P.S., one of Gina's installations snagged a permanent spot above Coven's door.

The quilts are were crafted by the insanely talented Susie Phillipsen, who takes cues from landscapes and modern paintings as inspiration for them. Her process is interesting for one who makes quilts, as it's a bit more freestyle, less pre-patterned. Susie comes from a long line of quilters, so come check them out and get yourself one!

We said in our last newsletter that we were going to be redecorating and Solstice seems to have let the vibes loose because things are starting to look sharp at Coven. Alexis has been putting her heart and soul into our beloved space which you will see coming together as the year continues. Our newest installation is a literal living wall that A-Rob built her very self. You could even take a selfie in front of it as part of our #sendusyourselfie series.

We recently wrapped up our Summer Solstice Photo Shoot and our own friends and clients were our inspiration and models and we can't wait to unveil the photos! Stay Tuned.

Summer has also brought on a bit of change at the Coven and with it we say goodbye to two of our very own as they embark on their next adventures. Aylah is off to North Carolina to continue and evolve her craft on the other coast. If you're ever in Chapel Hill, look her up! Our first hairdresser that the trio ever hired, Drew, is off to the beautiful city of Madison, Wisconsin to attend a sought after graduate writing program at the University of Madison, Wisconsin. We are so thrilled for our friends and though we will definitely miss them and their mad hair skills, we wish them all the very best in their next chapters.

In the meantime, hang tight! We're working on filling a chair or two (and patch the little hole that Drew and Aylah left in our hearts!) and get some more hairdressers in the Coven. Like magic, soon we'll have some new faces who are ready, willing and able to wrangle your hair.

Have you had your hair styled with any of Bumble's Surf products yet? We're particularly partial to the Surf Foam Blow Dry for all KINDS of styling (outside of blow outs, duh) but there's a whole mess of beach-sea salt-texture enhancing product we can try out when you're in.

Have a rad summer, stay sweet, never change, K.I.T.,

The Ladies of Coven

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Spring 2016 Coven Newletter

Oh hey!

We've been busy brewing up all kinds of new things over at Coven as we enter Spring; let's catch up, shall we?

Education is in the air (along with pollen) and Jenna Rose is finna add yet another specialty to her already large toolbelt; get ready to get some Great Lengths Extensions with her in the near future. She's already busy perfecting her skills, i.e. making Jenny Slay into a blonde bombshell.

In the meantime, if you're looking to add some length, body or general fun, get a hold of us or schedule a consultation with the legendary Jenny Slay who is already a master at them. P.S., have you seen Jenny + Jenna's new looks? They've gone full on babe for summer.


Our very own Aylah is off to NYC to take an advanced razor cutting class at Bumble & bumble next week and she is psyched on bringing back more knowledge to add to her already expansive skill set. What can't Aylah do?! A-Ro also recently entered Bumble's Double Take contest- all our fingers are crossed for her but really, her talent is so obvious they'd be crazy not to pick her. We've so very proud of our ambitious A!

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 10.44.58 AM.png

Erin Aquarian of Healing Magic of the Future was back at Coven this past Sunday, 4.3 doing traditional Tarot readings as well as an Intro to Tarot: The Major Arcana Workshop. It was an awesome group on Sunday and the workshop was especially helpful for breaking down numerology + Tarot, self awareness through the cards, and the foundation for establishing a daily practice at home. We can't wait for more from Erin. She'll be back in May AND June (for the Summer Solstice); email to get on our official Tarot + Reading Update list!

Have you had the chance to check out Bumble & bumble's new look for the Curl Conscious line? The packaging is rad, true, but it's just the tip of the surface! They partnered with, did their research and REALLY delivered. Get to know the products, identify your curl type and watch styling tutorials here.

Alexis is the main brain behind our upcoming Summer Solstice Photoshoot + Tarot Event (and our Instagram, social media, general awesome vibe of Coven...); save the Date for Saturday, June 18th. More details soon, promise! Hint: think braids + beers.

Wedding season is upon us, y'all! Getting hitched sometime this year? Get a hold of us to schedule a trial or consultation and get your nuptial hairdo (and your squad, too) on the books. We also have make-up artists that we like to work with that can come on site at Coven for your big day.


Looking forward to sitting out on Coven's outdoor patio this spring and summer? Us too! The beloved space will re-open on May 1st.


The Ladies of Coven

P.S. We've started a referral program! Refer 3 friends to Coven and receive $25 in Coven Ca$h to use towards Bumble & bumble products.


Erin the Intuitive back for Tarot readings- AND a workshop!

Hello friends,

We hope that this post finds you all well as we approach the beginning of Spring and the next solstice. Our resident intuitive Erin of Healing Magic of the Future will be back at Coven hosting a workshop on Saturday, April 2nd and restorative readings on Sunday, April 3rd. RSVP or make an appointment for a reading by simply emailing me via

The tarot specific event on Sunday 4/3 from 5-7:30 p.m. sounds pretty rad. Erin says:

"Get to know the Major Arcana a little more personally by learning about the cards that correspond to your birthday.  In this 2-3(?) hour workshop, we will calculate and explore our personal lifetime symbols and yearly growth cards.  In learning and connecting with these archetypes we gain useful insight into our personality and purpose, as well as get some perspective on the growth opportunities of the current year cycle."

Check Erin out via Facebook or her website for her contact info and/or any questions. The fee is $100 with your own deck, $125 with Erin's favorite deck provided. Everyone will have take home guidance to further expand her practice!

Readings are available on Sunday, 4/3 from 12-4. Half hour tarot readings are available for $50 and hour long sessions are $100. Read about Erin's style and what to expect here. Please book a reading by emailing

I look forward to broadening our horizons and getting all transcendental with you all.



Emily ( + the ladies of Coven)


Gina Coffman at Coven Salon!

Have you been in lately? Our latest artist is off the chain awesome! Let's get to know her a little better, shall we? Swing by to see our new art installation by our client and friend!

Gina Coffman started making mobiles for a New Year’s Eve party in 2009 as an over-table installation, then later for friends with newborn babies. Mobile designs are derived from Gina's multidisciplinary interests and influences: invertebrate zoology, adventures in the natural world, textiles, graphics, and built environment design, fashion & style, culinary experiences, and immersion in the urban kaleidoscopes of Seattle and L.A. Mobiles interject visual complexity and the restorative effects of nature into indoor environments with the kinetic interplay of color, shape, and shadow. They add life and a relaxing dynamic to any room. Mobiles are constructed of non-toxic, fade resistant paper, card stock, and thread. These materials optimize movement from subtle shifts in airflow.

Gina lives and works at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center in West Seattle with her pet turtle, Ms. Jackson. She has an undergraduate degree in Biology and Art from the Evergreen State College and holds a Masters of Landscape Architecture from the University of Washington. 

For more information visit:

#coffmanmobiles, @coffmanmobile



Price Range: $75-$150 per strand. Mobiles can be bought in clusters or individually.

Happy Winter Solstice from The Ladies of Coven!

Oh, hey friends!

First and foremost, thank you all for another great year at Coven! It's such an honor to get to create beautiful, wearable hair for awesome people on the daily. We can't wait to unveil some of the new aesthetic changes we're making at Coven HQ in the new year!

Speaking of the New Year, our resident intuitive, Erin Aquarian of Healing Magic of the Future will be doing tarot readings at Coven on Sunday, December 27th from 11-6. In Erin's words, "Year's End should be approached with reverence and stepping forward into the portal of 2016 from a place of power and intention." Readings are by appointment only and there are only a few openings left so give us a ring or email us to snag a spot! 206.323.9010 //

Oh, and don't worry if it's your first time getting a reading or dabbling in the witchier side of things; it's for everyone, no matter your beliefs. One of the things we hold most high at the Coven is embracing all people for who they are! For serious.

Per usual, we'll be closing January 1st through the 7th to take time some time to spend with our friends and family and hope you all are able to do the same! We still have limited space in the next two weeks to get your wig split. Check out our new and MUCH improved online booking system, while you're at it!

January brings a brand new spectrum of curl products from Bumble & bumble that we can't wait to share with you! The folks over at B&b NYC teamed up with the curl geniuses at to ensure that every kind of curl was considered and addressed- how awesome, right? Stay tuned and ask us about attending the launch party we'll be holding at Coven Salon to be one of the first to get your hands on the totally innovative product that they've come up with for every curl!

Have a happy whatever you celebrate, we'll look forward to seeing you soon!


The Ladies of Coven

Icelandic Fantasy Horse Portraits? Ok!

No time to fly to Iceland to check out fields of horses? No problem, you can gaze at a whole mess of 'em the next time you're in at Coven getting your hair did.

Dina N. Greene is a Seattle based artist of many facets and we're thrilled to be featuring her work in the salon for the next few months. Dabbling in Holga photography, oil painting and mixed media, she produces a whimsical yet striking visual with her use of color and shadows. We love it, and we can't wait for you to come check it out!


Follow Dina @dinaevolves to get a sneak peek and follow us 4ever @covensalon!

See you soon, xoxo.

The Ladies of Coven

P.S. Give us a jingle to book your holiday appointments sooner than later- we're a busy crew around this time of year and we want to make sure you get in where you fit in! 206.323.9010


A Rose without a Thorn

Jenna Rose joined the Coven just a day or two more than 6 months ago, blowing in from the windy city of Chicago and into our hearts. Emily and her are totally familiar, as they worked at the same salon for many years back in the Midwest, but the rest of us aren't as in the know.

The Ladies of Coven present the one and only Jenna Rose to Seattle, to you and the world! We hope you get the opportunity to get in with this expert hairdresser sooner than later. We're loving #wcw.

Jenna and her husband, Matt. Follow us  @covensalon  to keep current on what Jenna and the rest of the Ladies of Coven are up to, hair wise!

Jenna and her husband, Matt. Follow us @covensalon to keep current on what Jenna and the rest of the Ladies of Coven are up to, hair wise!

You're a master of color- what's your favorite technique or trend of the moment?

I'm really into the Babylights trend right now, I love how soft, blended and child-like color has been lately.  I also seem to find myself in the mood for lightening everything up and adding warmth, instead of deepening color for fall.

You're stranded on a desert island but MAGICALLY you brought three hair products that you couldn't possibly live without along. What are they?

(Bumble & bumble Hair powder, Styling Lotion and Brilliantine!

What’s your secret weapon for great hair?

Confidence! Also, flexibility! If you can't fight that aggressive wave in your bangs, make it work for you. Embrace the weird!

Your official title at Coven is "coiffeuse" and you own it. Why that title out of all of them?

I always try to change up what my title is on my business cards to keep it interesting, to myself mainly... ha! My husband is 100% German and I thought since we got married this year I'd pay homage to his heritage with that title.

What does the life of Jenna look like outside of Coven?

Being a newbie to Seattle, I've been spending (a lot of) time exploring with my hubby Matt; that's what's been taking top priority as of late. I'm also a book devourer, so I try to read as much as possible.

I spend an obscene amount of time wandering around grocery stores, and snuggling with my pup, Santa. Besides that, I am pretty passionate about fitness, health and nutrition. I've pretty much spent the past 2 years being immersed in the body-building world and just started exploring the world of Crossfit!

Who's your hair hero?

To be honest, I don't really have one, but lately I’ve been pretty inspired by the guys of Schorem Barbers.

Give us a ring to book an appointment with this all around excellent hairdresser! 206.323.9010 or email us at

All About Aylah: Truly an AAA!

Oh, hey world! I know it’s been a few months (six?!) since the talented and charming Aylah Mayim joined the crew at Coven and she’s this week’s #WCW (woman crush Wednesday)!

Beyond the magic she spins on people’s heads are many layers of awesome. We asked her some questions “getting to know you” style and know you’ll fall deeper in love with her than we all already have. It’s so good to have you in the Coven, Aylah.

      Follow us on Instagram  @covensalon  to keep current on what Aylah's up to, hair wise.

      Follow us on Instagram @covensalon to keep current on what Aylah's up to, hair wise.

Tell us about the hair color work you do; it seems like word got out that you were amazing with the color purple!

It's funny, growing up my favorite color was purple. It was a weird "random" thing when people started coming to me by the masses wanting purple color. I kept thinking again??! OK!!

I do believe in color therapy though and love how different colors give us different moods or wearing them (especially in our hair) gives us whole new attitudes to play with.

What I see is people wanting to step out of the box and enjoy how playful color is. It's liberating to step away from neutral territory and grab an amazing color for your tresses. The clients I see doing that are also inviting that energy into their lives and looking for something adventurous in their experience.

I imagine that when all the "purples" started coming, it was the Universe conspiring to bring a secret message from my childhood back to share with my clients; something about purple being the color of royalty and intuition, and that all my purple ladies shall feel inspired and empowered to live outside the box and jump into what they really want!

You’re excellent at working with all sorts of textures of hair. What do you love about it and how did you arrive at such a necessary and talented place?

Hair is constantly amazing me. There are so many different textures and patterns of growth and I have been inspired lately by thinking of hair as fiber art. There are thousands and thousands of threads of fibrous material to shape and shift and mold into (different) shapes that move and grow.

It's a very intuitive process for me and always has been. I started cutting hair for friends and family when I was 12! I had no idea what a technical skill it was but I understood the art of cutting and how to "listen" to the hair.

For me, textures in hair are like characters in people. Different curls on the head have different personalities and want to be cut in different ways. Fine hair asks that you treat it like precious cargo with very intentional snips, where as waves want to actualize their full potential; all hair textures have this kind of energetic aspect. Since middle school, (of course I am now technically trained), I still approach hair as an intuitive listener of the characters that live in it's texture.

What’s your secret weapon for great hair?

My secret weapon is…. magic! I really do my best to listen to what the client is asking for, even if they don't necessarily know. I try to catch the vision and bring it through. Again, I trust the hair to tell me, too.

You were a finalist in the Wella Trend Vision competition- AMAZING. Tell us a little bit more about that experience!

Wella Trend Vision was an amazing experience for me and the hair colors I chose were actually inspired by the city of Seattle and the waters of this area.

I had only heard of trend vision a few months before the entries were due, but immediately knew I wanted to submit my work. I love creating high fashion and Avant Garde style fantasy hair and the work I had seen of previous competitors blew my mind.

I found a model who would let me completely radicalize her hair and submitted. I really was shocked when I got the phone call that I was going to be a finalist in Minneapolis.

Trend Vision is this fast, electric, exciting occasion where people fly in with their models from around the country and bring their hard work to the runway. It was nerve racking on a lot of levels and stretched me both as a professional artist and personally. I get crazy focused when I'm working on a creative project.

MANY hours were put into the Wella Trend Vision competition, both physically and mentally and the hard work paid off; I was one of 4 finalists in the professional category and the "youngest" in the industry. I was offered spots at two different salons by my competitors and came home super proud of myself for my gorgeous work and for going after it!

What does the life of Aylah look like outside of Coven?

I'm actually quite an introvert with occasional extrovert spurts. I am very magical and quiet but also wild and quirky. I am fed by creative projects that channel my inner storybook. I write, I sing, sew and dance. I love nature immensely and go there often with my  squirrel hunting, fluffy familiar, Little Man.

My world is filled with Spirit and metaphysics, I have been doing ritual work with women for many years and it's a very important aspect of my life.

Last but not least, I have my precious daughter Raven and my beloved partner Breeze ( yes real names). They keep me learning and loving and striving to be the best human I can possibly be.

Who's your hair hero?

Edward Scissorhands, of course!

What was the last good book you read?

Books are hard to grab me because I have a bit of ADD but...There is a novel called The Dovekeepers by Alice White that drew me in hard. It's an amazing book set a thousand years ago in the Masada desert (where my peeps come from).

It's about four women; their hardships, love affairs and secret pasts. It's full of rituals and passion and violence and heart. It's one of those books you sob through reading. You can't stop turning pages and can't wait to know the end and then freak out that it's over. Yup.

Give us a ring to book an appointment with this gem of a human- she'll rock your world! 206.323.9010 or email us at